What Are The Benefits Of Derma Roller?

Derma Rolling is the cosmetic procedure that slows down the aging process of the skin by enhancing the production of collagen and skin’s ability to absorb skin care products.

Going one step ahead, it’s time to delve a bit more into the science behind the working of Derma Rolling and how it can benefit you. To begin with, our skin has two layers - the epidermis, and the dermis. Epidermal cells are produced at the bottom of the epidermis layers, and travel upwards to the outer layer of the skin within 20 days, before they are finally sloughed off the skin.

In comparison, the turnover rate of the dermis cells is much slower. We’re born with millions of collagen cells in the dermis, and their half life turnover is about 15 years. With age, these collagen cells continue to diminish, and they also get damaged due to sunburns and exposure of skin to various other chemicals.

So, what derma rolling does is that it penetrates the dermis to create tiny channels. This process increases the turnover rate of the collagen cells, thus tricking the body to trigger collagen production to keep it looking young. Of, course you will not be able to restore the skin to a childlike suppleness, and yet you can manage to look younger you really are.

With the above and several other benefits of derma rolling that naturally helps you to keep looking young; we know you’re wondering how you should be purchasing derma rolling products[link to no. 4] from the internet. Read on, there’s more.

Derma Rolling and Hyper-Pigmentation

When the skin is exposed to the sun, it automatically starts producing more melanin, which absorbs UV and prevents the skin from damage. But having said this, the production of melanin leads to skin darkening on the exposed parts of the body, which can effectively be removed by using derma rolling.

Since hyper-pigmentation takes place in the epidermis of the skin, application of derma rolling helps in better absorption of whitening creams, which ultimately reduces dark patches.

Derma Rolling and Hypo-Pigmentation

Hypo-pigmentation is the absence of melanocytes or the melanin producing cells. The derma roller needles, when they prick the skin, trigger the production of melanocytes in the surrounding areas of epidermis, and also help in transporting the same to the hypo-pigmented areas.

Derma Rolling and Acne Scars

Derma Rolling is an effective way of getting rid of the horrible acne scars we have. But, since it involves single needling, it may take longer than other derma rolling treatments.

Derma Rolling and Sun Burns

Derma rollers are highly effective in treating sun burnt skin. Sun burns affect the epidermis of the skin, and with the help of derma rolling, you can facilitate better penetration of sun screens, and also other burn healers.

Needling and sagged skin

When we talk about derma rolling and sagged skin, we’re talking about only mild sags. Past pregnancy sagging, for example cannot be treated with derma rolling. Derma needles penetrate the dermis of the skin to encourage the production of collagen, which in turn helps in making the skin more firm, and elastic.

After reading benefits the next question strike our mind how to buy and things to keep in mind while buy derma roller online.

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